The time is now
We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Through the power of unified action a better world is possible
right here, right now

This Is Our World Now

Enough Is Enough

Our world is clearly in trouble. We are facing mass extinction and global warming on an unprecedented scale. Our social systems are based largely in old patterns of racism and misogyny. World governments continue to spend billions on bombs, while claiming that they do not have the resources to end hunger and poverty. 

The Human Unity Movement was founded on the idea that change is not difficult when we act together, in unity. The changes that we want to see in the world can largely be made by us, the people. The power lies in our hands. We no longer have the time or the need to wait for world leadership to act in sane or proactive ways. When we act together, we can solve the real problems of the world, through direct action and movement in our daily lives. 
HUM’s primary message is that we, the unified people, have far more power to create and change this world than we know. Through boycotts, voting blocs, direct planting actions, info campaigns and true community development we are able to create lasting positive change. All it takes is you, me and us  to act defnitively with courage in a peacful way.

Now is the time for us to stand up in unity and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is OUR world. Together we can create the world that we all want to live in, the world that we all deserve. Through direct action and movement in our daily lives.

When enough people stand in unity, change is simply inevitable.


Three Pillars Of Action

The Human Unity Movement is rooted in a dedication to the creation of equal rights and access, environmental sustainability and compassionate leadership for all people. These three guiding ideals act as the pillars which hold and direct all of our actions as a global movement. We seek to embody positive change in everything that we do.


HUM is dedicated to the creation of a world where equal rights, access and treatement for ALL humans is a reality. 

By creating and holding space for  dialogue across societal boundaries, we can create real change.

Through voting blocs, protests and social action we can create change, together.


Our environment is in trouble and the threat of mass exctinction is very real. It is crucial that we, as a world in unity, focus on carbon sequestration and renewable energy immediately. 

Our generations are literally tasked with saving the world… HUM believes that we can, together, if we act NOW!


As the world moves into a new age of technical advancement, it is absurd that any mouth should go hungry, any human should go without clean water, or any person be subjected to homlessness. 

HUM believes that it is simply unnaceptable for us to live in a world where the fulfilment of basic needs is not considered a basic human right. 

You are the movement…
The movement is through you…