Basic Human Needs Are Basic Human Rights

When we get together and honestly talk about the issues facing our own individual parts of the world, we can create real solutions to real world problems.

The Compassion Pillar of HUM is dedicated to bringing into existence a network of compassionate local communities which, through coordinated mutual aid and direct action, will unite individuals to cultivate a world free from basic human suffering.

We seek to harness the force of this united community to create policy change and direct action which focus on the lessening of basic suffering around the world from the bottom up. We believe that once we as humans approach each other with open-hearted compassion rather than suspicion, it is only a short path to a world which provides for everyone.


By creating an integrated and compassionate community based upon personal respect, HUM acts as a central networking point for compassionate activists to plan and execute aid drives, protests, and actions to lessen basic suffering locally and around the globe, such as but not limited to: access to food, clean water, shelter and education.

We intend to accomplish this mission through holding space for open and compassionate discussion in as many locales as possible. We believe that by holding space for and listening to one another, solutions can be found. Basic human needs are basic human rights.

Compassion begins with us. The world we want to live in begins with us. The time is now, and WE are the ones we have been waiting for...