A Sustainable World For All

The Clear And Present Danger

Climate Disaster Is On Our Doorstep

The reality of climate change can no longer be ignored. Global carbon emissions have polluted our atmosphere to the point where the natural cooling process of our planet has been dramatically affected.

If drastic steps aren’t taken on a global level immediately, severe and destructive changes to our environment and our daily lives can be expected across our lifetimes. Extreme coastal flooding, mass extinction, food shortages, unprecedented heat waves, hurricanes and droughts are soon to be a reality if we don’t make changes NOW.


What We Can Do In Unity

Plant Trees, Boycott Major Polluters, Unify In Voting Blocs

One of the primary ways we can help save this world is by planting trees.

Climate change is largely being caused by carbon emissions. Global plans to curb climate change rely heavily on something called “carbon sequestration”. Carbon sequestration is the act of pulling carbon out of the air and storing it in a solid, non gaseous form, thus removing it from the atmosphere. The primary source of carbon sequestration on earth is the growth of plants and trees. Plants literally build their entire structures out of carbon that they pull from the air. Many countries have committed to planting millions of new trees over the next decade, but it is still not enough. We are literally at a place in history where anyone who plants and cares for a tree is helping to save the world.

Individuals on a global scale must now act in unity to plant trees and bamboo wherever is safely possible. This means in your backyard, and with permission in your neighbors backyard or on your school campus. It means local organizations and businesses must participate. Churches, synagogues, mosks, libraires, restaurants… trees must be planted by as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, in as many places as possible… NOW. 

The Human Unity Movement is currently working to organize a global effort by individuals to plant, together in unity. We NEED your help, the planet NEEDS your help. The time to plant is now.

Beyond planting, real systemic change is very necessary. Carbon emissions must be lowered, not just stored by trees. Whenever and wherever possible, HUM actively participates in boycotts, protests and voting blocs to create systemic change towards global sustainability.

What YOU Can Do

The World Needs ALL Of Us Now

HUM organizes people across the country and world to plant trees and promote the planting of trees in their local neighborhoods and communities. Have room to plant and grow even one tree? Great! Participate in one of our drives and help us save this world!

If you don’t have room to plant, it’s as simple as getting your local community involved. Approach local places of worship and local businesses. Approach your neighbors. Inform them of what HUM, of what YOU, are trying to do by planting trees to sequester carbon. Help them plant trees for one of our drives and share your story with the HUM network. 

Our network is constantly evolving, and HUM is also working to organize boycotts, protests and voting blocs to create change on a governmental and system wide level. Join the movement to stay informed on our global environmental actions and take part in creating unity for change!


Current Drives And Actions


Trees sequester carbon as they grow. While the world needs to be shifting to renewable sources of energy on a global scale, carbon sequestration is a very important part of the plan to stop climate change.

The climate challenge is a global effort to plant trees by regular, daily people. Every tree planted helps sequester carbon and can literally help save our world!

The climate challenge is a simple yet profound way that we can all get involved in reversing climate change. Through the power of simple and direct action, we can make a massive impact on the warming of our globe.


How It Works And How To Get Involved
It’s very simple, plant a tree or donate to The National Forest Foundation for trees to be planted, then post pictures/video of yourself doing the challenge. Tag 3 friends to do the same.

More info and a instructions for the challenge can be found on our