An Equal World For All


HUM believes that there is a clear and present systemic inequality in our current world. The equality Pillar of the Human Unity Movement is dedicated to the creation of equal rights and treatment for all human beings. We seek to create and maintain common ground on which people of all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, creeds and spiritual belief structures can find a sense of unity.

Every community has it's own specific needs, and by organizing locally we can work to create an equal world starting right in our neighborhoods. 

Through the facilitation and creation of safe and sacred, in-person heart space we aim to ignite dialogue and unified action across neighborhood, community, economic, racial and social dividing lines. By creating a central networking point of unification, the HUM equality pillar shall organize and support direct grassroots actions for the creation and promotion of equal treatment for all human beings. 


A system of inequality is built out of many small injustices, and so solutions must come on a local and grassroots level.

Local action can take many forms. community building, boycotts, protests, info campaigns and voting blocs are just a few examples of some of the ways we can engage in action for an equal world.

Some communities need rent control, or labor reform, or changes to the police force and ways that it engages with the community. There are many issues of deep inequality in our current world, and only by willing to address them together will be able to create any real change.

For this reason, HUM focuses on the creation of local discussion and action groups in which people can come together to implement change on a local level.

We are here for anyone who is already, or wishes to become a pillar for equality in their daily world.