The Power Of Unity

The power of individuals in unity...

The problems that the world currently faces are large and can feel insurmountable. How can any of us as individuals even make a dent in the inequality, suffering and environmental destruction in our world?

The answer is far more simple and direct than we imagine. Millions of people are sitting at home saying to themselves “I just can’t change this world alone”.... 

The answer is that we don’t have to do any of it alone. Many hands make light work, and all we need to do is work together. 

Throughout history, lasting change has been made by people who can agree on simple yet powerful ideals.

You, me and we together are far more powerful than we have ever imagined.

When people stand in unity, anything is possible.


A better world is possible, but WE need to make it

The time for direct action is now. The major issues that face humanity are not being addressed by the powers that we have been taught to trust. World governments continue to leave equality, sustainability and basic human needs on the back burner. If we want to live in an equal and compassionate world, if we want to have a planet at all then the time to stand together is NOW. 

If we want to live in a better world, then we need to be willing to make one. HUM believes that we can.

What we can do in Unity

Mass actions that can create lasting change


By organizing large scale boycotts we can hit the worst behaving corporations where they will feel it the most. Right in their profits.

Imagine if every time a company engaged in discrimination or polluted our planet, they lost huge amounts of money. Now THAT could create real change. 

HUM members organize together to boycott products and companies that act or spend money in unethical ways. HUM suggests competing companies that offer similar products in an ethical way that supports an equal and sustainable world. 

When we rise together, we can change corporate behavior in this world.


Voting Blocs

For too long, politicians have relied primarily on advertising and marketing money to get elected. Too often, that money is supplied by corporations. 

HUM believes that our elections should be decided based upon real policies for positive change, instead of money. It is of vital importance that local politicians who support policies which end basic suffering, bring equality to their areas and lower carbon emissions come into power. 

Voting blocs are directed on a local level by voters themselves. Each local HUM chapter can decide together which local candidates they would like to support.

By voting together on a local level, we can help to create lasting change.

Unified Direct Action

All major world issues are made up of many many small occurrences of that issue. For example, homelessness as a larger issue is made up of millions of people who are actually experiencing homelessness. Much more than just some statistics, homlessness consists of real individuals actually living on the street. The fact that the world must plant billions of trees over the next several years requires that billions of actual holes be dug and billions of actual individual trees be planted. 

It is so easy to get lost in the scale of world issues and we can forget how direct change actually happens. Change happens because millions of individual people contribute to a solution. Society is built of all of us, each as our own selves. Many of the problems that the world currently faces can be alleviated directly through action in our own daily lives.

With this guiding knowledge, that all larger systems are made up of individual parts, HUM organizes mass direct actions for change. Some examples of mass action include tree planting campaigns, mass gifting campaigns of supplies to the homeless, direct protests of companies that act in racist ways and community resource sharing. Through combined and unified mass action, we can make a serious difference in this world. 


All that matters is that we show up, together.